A Friend Like You

Here’s a thing or two about friendship. You see, I’m one of those people who make friends easily. So many, they become chapters, small fractures of my life. A minute you’re my closest friend, you feel like you are really connected to me, like your’re the brother I always wanted. We’re burning time together till I meet another one just like you. Then you become my second life, the one I no longer have time for. And later on, things get weird and then we’re more or less, a thing of  the past.

Quite a bad quality of mine, I admit. But for those, close ones, reading this, I promise you, don’t need to worry, I’m trying to change since a while now. I’m working on improving my relationship skills, to understand and to accept all of those around me. To discover even more about what a long therm friendship really could be.

I believe this trait of mine developed thanks to those constant changes in my childhood. Moving from one neighborhood to another, loosing my one best friend and making a new one right after. It’s like my heart reaches one point of a relationship and then it stops, and waits for a new one to start.

But now, in my twenties, things are starting to change. I begin to see friendships as spiritual connections and business opportunities. I see these locks forming between me and you. A connection I can define and cherish, not like the ones in the past.

You know, I had this dream once. A dream of forming my own FRIENDS (the TV show) or HIMYM crew. Having my five besties, growing old together and going through dramas and shit. Maybe because I don’t have a brother or a sister, and with this, of course, the fear of growing old alone and not being able to share things with someone, to be happy for them or to help each other. I want to be someone’s person, you know! But I think I found that someone, and I’m looking at that person right now. My dear best bud, the coolest bud I could ever wish for.

And I’m grateful for you, being around for so many years, growing up together, sharing so many activities and secrets. I love you! Hope you know that. And you’re a great friend, the best one I could ever find!

This symbolic lock we have between us is indestructible, at least my part of it.

And with these words put into the world I would like to also add that during my past chapters, I met many amazing friends, especially the ones I think of right now, the one I share a tattoo with, the one I see as a sister, I will never forget you and for sure, my dearest friends, you’ll forever be part of my life.

I am grateful for all of you taking part of my journey, being my mates, teaching me many beautiful things and especially gifting me with a life, a wonderful life!

I love you all!


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