Not Religious But…

Religion, humanity’s finest troublemaker, is a subject I usually don’t want to get involved. I’m a spiritual being. I believe there’s someone up looking down and making sure every little thing works the way it should. Yet I don’t really understand the whole Christian part, the churches, and the bibles. OK, the churches are beautiful, believe me, these are the first things I visit in any country. They are filled with culture, talent and mystery. I adore them. But the rest? Why being afraid? Why living by the writings of a book? Why the limitation?

Believing in God or something bigger than you is good. It’s something that connects you to your core. It makes you a better person. I believe in God and I love Him very much. I am grateful everyday for all the amazing things He gave and helped me to achieve. He makes me spiritually connected to my soul and the universe. I know that, somehow I can communicate with Him and ask for the things I  need in life, even if it’s a brand new chapter or a simple object. It’s different from praying, really!

I ask for things. Things like being healthy, happy and lucky. A better tomorrow, a stronger self, more motivation and ambition… And then I thank. I’m grateful for everything I have. Thankful for my friends and family, for my amazing parents, my room, clothes, healthy body and job. Sometimes I feel like telling God how thankful  I am for being able to see, write, hear, listen to music, talk or walk. Heck, I’m grateful for the smallest things our body do every second so we could enjoy whatever we’re doing!

This is my religion. To thank, to want and to just live as happy as possible!

I met so many people, so involved with their connection with God or their religion. Most of them didn’t care about their own lives or their personal journey. I couldn’t imagine living a defined life, being limited by a handful of rules and an image made by the church. The worst part is that we tend to share our limited vision with our children. We teach them things without the encouragement of a personal discovery or the choice of learning what they would actually enjoy.

I don’t  believe that God would want us to limit ourselves from knowledge or from power. I think he wants us to live our lives, the gift He gave to each of us, the way we want. At our own best. At least this is how I feel. My life is a gift, so I want to be a gift to the world, to leave something behind, something that will help the others live even better or at least to understand more of why we’re here.


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