A thing or two about Leadership

It’s been almost two months since I’m in Bulgaria, in charge of 12 amazing volunteers. And sometimes, I feel like a father. Always thinking of them; if they are OK, if they are having a great experience or, Christ forbid! If they did something bad. Yet, thanks to them and to the overall experience, I feel more connected to myself and the flare inside me. I’m closer to my vision and feel the power circling through my veins like a leader by origin.

Some say there are two kinds of rulers in this world. The ones born with what it takes and the ones who work hard to become close enough to be one.

I believe that success is part of our DNA, that we’re here to make a change. That we came to Earth with a mission. I feel this ambitious aura of motivation around us, fueling the people, helping them to become better and stronger. Helping them accept who they are and overcome their fears.

A couple of things I learned from Sofia so far. I learned to understand my crew, to see what they see, to listen and to be more connected to my feelings.

Thanks to this experience here, in Bulgaria, I added more courage to my guts, so I could speak up more often, I learned to apologize, to be closer and warmer to my friends. Also, to be grateful for the ones who follow me, to share my experience and success with them.

A leader has to be always thankful for what he or she has, to build new tools to help the ones around and to bring them closer to their dreams, wants and wishes.

Our goal is to not just lead a way but to also pave a path. And building a road is way better than managing a highway!


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