Hug me now!

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Who thought that one day I’ll get the chance to organize something abroad?! Heck, I’m still paralyzed by what happened. I honestly can’t believe what this event actually turned out to be!

First of all, you know, at first I was scared. I didn’t know how people will react! Because we are foreigners, we don’t know their language and the whole process had to be in English. But wow! It was one of the best activities I have ever organized! The Bulgarians were so friendly! Some of them were running towards us just to get a hug. And everyone smiled! They were really open and very happy that we did this activity.

Love you, Bulgaria and all your warm hugs!

So today, in the capital of Bulgaria, me and eight volunteers gave over five hundred free hugs in about ninety minutes. Ninety minutes full of positive energy, proactivity and sincere smiles. I am so happy and so grateful for the amazing people who invested their time and energy to help me organize this event. Thank you for being part of my life, thank you for believing in me and hope that you had fun and that you’ll continue to work with me in the upcoming weeks!

Now, this is the fifth Free Hugs campaign I’ve organized so far. And for those who didn’t hear about these so called free hugs, I’ll explain you right now in a few words. It’s very easy to organize! Start alone or invite a couple friends (as many as possible), create a “Free Hugs” sign for each and show them off while walking through crowded areas of your city (the university is always a great place to start). Smile, be friendly, open, and start “selling” your hugs!

It’s an amazing activity! There are no words that could describe the things you feel during a hug. And you know that! The happiness, the warmth and that smile and the end, or that sincere “Thank you!” it’s priceless, Believe me. Priceless!

Imagine yourself walking on the street, thinking about unfinished things, problems. In a hurry, while missing a beautiful day, the sun and pretty much, the world around you. But then! A hug from a stranger?! What is this? And then, suddenly, all your negative thoughts go away! All you think is how, out of nowhere, you got a hug. A simple hug. From a total stranger. How awesome is that, right!?

This is why I keep making these Free Hugs campaigns. Because we change by simply giving a couple of hugs, by becoming friendlier. And those few seconds, I believe that we change the world a little bit!

This is life, my dear friends. We’re all together in this one and we should all live fully as possible. Because life is indeed wonderful!


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