A different kind of Flash Mob!

Last week, me and my awesome team of volunteers organized a Free Hugs campaign and today, with the same group, we organized a flash mob.

This so called “flash mob” is a very trendy activity happening in almost every city in the world. You gather around with your friends in a public place and create a random act for a short period of time. It may look seemingly pointless but their purpose is to entertain, shock or to send a certain message.

From my experience, there are three classic acts. One involving dancing, one sleeping and the one we did, a freeze (But I heard obout the Spaghetti and “Drop the Beat”). Search on YouTube for inspiration or create your unique activity. They are always fun and memorable! Mostly used for its team buildings purpose but also, as a marketing tool.  Many companies resort to them as event openers and attention grabbers. Yet most important, they deliver your message!

A message shaped after each person’s mindset.

For example, our movement was formed by two parts. One theatrical, where the participants took roles in three activities: an engagement proposal, two girls fighting for a man and a heart attack, followed by the second part, the freeze. The STOP that brings your attention to the scene.

And you  solve the puzzle, You take it as random, silly event or a symbolic acts, transformed into a personal message.

Check out the video and I’ll tell you more after.

You saw complete strangers ran directly to the fallen guy to offer their help. That was so unexpected and so beautiful!

For me, this flash mob meant the following: The proposal as a sign of stepping out of my comfort zone, the fight as a sign of neglect, of unresolved issues, and the heart attack,  the sing of my health and taking better care of myself. How about you?

See, that’s the beauty of  a it! Its artistic value, its simplicity and hidden meaning. Plus how the public reacts, how they’ll instantly take out their phones and prepare their cameras while looking scared, shocked or amazed. OR! Jumping right in the middle of the scene, trying to help! I was shocked today, and I was part of it!

So. Come on, join the fun. Call your friends and make your own flash mob. Organize it, promote it and share it with the world!


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