The Next Step

The time has come for me to go home. My voluntary program has ended and here I am,  on the middle of a bed, between tears, clothes and souvenirs, looking at the screen of my laptop, counting the minutes I have left. Smiling gratefully, thinking about the past moments, the great friends I made and the experience I had. The time and how well I spent it.

I had the chance to lead, to create and to improve. To inspire, to move and to change the ones who believed in me. Freedom gets itself a brand new meaning and all those  wounds from my past  are finally closed. Today I move on, Today I’m here, I exist and I’m living the Now.

 So here it goes, friends and family: I’m releasing my first E-book in less than five months!

I’m putting together dozens of pages that’ll bring you closer to me, to my vision and my believes. A motivational book that will push your limits, make you believe in yourself, want more from life  and accept, accept the way you are.

A book about individual freedom, love and prosperity.

BenQ Digital Camera

More to share about my personal project in the upcoming months. Till then release, I invite you to take part of my “I Live” journey, happening on The Midnight Pill blog.

Thank you all for reading my work  for the past months. Thank you for inspiring me, motivating and pushing me to create more. Hope that you’ll keep holding my hand and continue my journey, our journey, even further!


5 thoughts on “The Next Step

      1. awww thanks. yeah I am trying to stick to a schedule and see how it goes thanks to NaNoWriMo being pushy with deadlines. travel is my middle name so that’s the subject, too.

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