The Now

I guess you stayed too much locked inside your tiny box. You know that living in the past is not healthy and it’s quite tiring, even hurting!

So all those tears, all that crying or wining are just a waste of time. Won’t resolve anything for sure! In fact It’ll probably make you loose even more of your precious time.

Each chapter in our life is a unique an rewarding journey. Each, written once and continued by a new one. We always go forward, no mater what. So we better grab all our remained resources to put that smile of ours where it belongs.  We all move on and on. That’s the journey, that’s the beauty! So come on, pack up things and let’s move on together. Let’s live like no one had ever lived before. Live the Now!

In September, two years ago, I left the nest for the first time. I went to study abroad, built up a brand new life and, for six months I had quite the time! Met amazing people, did a lot of cool things and finally had my first tattoo, the little peace sign I inked on my left wrist.  As I said, amazing things happened. All that toxic independence, unlimited freedom and undefined happiness that I got acquainted with, ended. I finished the semester, so I had to pack my shit and go home, to my old life, where everything was exactly how I left it. At least what I felt at first.

I changed. I grew, I opened my eyes!

Everything around me was different. The air was thinner, my old friends were different, the city, smaller, and my skin… My skin became stiff and tight. I felt like a ticking bomb! But then, after a while, it grew back. It fit me perfectly once more. I moved on, new chapters came. Not bigger but good enough. I started see the other side of things, to be thankful for what I have in life and others don’t. I learned how to be thankful for every little thing I got, which brought the wings I once lost!

Some chapters are so perfect that it’s almost impossible to close and put them on  that little scrap book of ours. And you know why? Because we are afraid. Like we are afraid of death, we’re equally afraid of the thought of “What if this is the best thing I’ll ever have in my life?”

And this thought hit me when one of my relatives once said: “Live it cause this may be the last great thing in your life”. It went on and on in my head. Thinking that maybe, just maybe! I could still milk a couple of memories out of this “greatest and maybe last” chapter of mine. But now. Right Now! I know that it’s so NOT TRUE. Being here, breathing and doing whatever I’m doing will always be better than what I did moments  ago, yesterday or back in Those times. Always!

Now I know that there are no such things of “last great chapters” because all things are great in life. Life itself is wonderful. And I see my future, I see my chapters: bigger and better. Filled with everything I’ve dreamed of. That’s for sure!

So starting Now, all past chapters are closed. There’s nothing left on my path but the Now. And the Now is amazing!


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