You see, this blog of mine is not something that’ll turn *just* into a book. For sure won’t end up as simple tool of development or something you and I relate as Fashion. It’a not part of a trend but it’s sure the beginning of a movement.

I’m quite a nasty human being: I look for fame and power just like any other artist. And I wanna be honest with you; I’m nothing but a pig inside. But, putting away my ego or my flaws, my main interest, mission, is to inspire the world. To change it, to make it better. The main goal is to eliminate the mental barriers that keep us from creating, from being ourselves.

We’re unique! Everyone has something special to give as a contribution to the Universe. Just think for a second and see how special you are!

Could you imagine waking up in a five stars hotel, in a body of the Popular? How would you feel? What would you do?

I would be just like a phoenix! Fire up my wings and create something the world has never seen before. I’d pour my soul out! I’d  sew my vision on top of the world. But then, I wouldn’t fulfill my dream in a different body; With a different name… Which wouldn’t be me. And now that I think of. All those famous people out there are dreamers, just like you and me. Hard workers who planed and worked their asses up the ladder so they could face the sky and lead the world. There’s no sense to dream of become a Somebody, just like Him or Her. The best way is to become You. And say what you want but once you puke that fear out of yourself; You’re limitless. You’re the god of your life! And nothing; Nothing but yourself can stop you from owning the world.

Think of it like this: We’re all superstars! I know I’m my mother’s VIP, my best friend’s and my significant other’s too. We’re all stars for at least a dozen of people. A dozen of ’em following us no matter what; Loving us for being who we are.

So start shining and show your brand. Create through passion and love!


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