A Gypsy Life


Always wanted a busy life; A life filled with art, love and passion.

Here are two facts about me: Even though I love ’em and always think of how lucky and grateful I am to have such amazing souls; I barely see my family and friends. Being always on the road makes it really hard to keep in touch with them. And second;  Home for me is more like a hotel. I come and go. Life is too short to stay in one place.

Here, have a peak inside one of my days!

“You snooze, you loose”, they say. I hit the snooze button 3 times before I start my day. And look, at the age of 23, I accomplished quite a few. Probably because of the black tea and muesli dependency. At this point, my body should be fully awake, but my mind remains in it’s power saving state till my creative senses kick in, aka. the outfit-of-the-day activity.

While fabulously heading to work, slurping tea from my Starbucks flask, listening to Gaga’s ARTPOP album, I begin my second very-important-process-of-the-day: the planning: lists, ideas, goals and dreams. All rapidly written down in my little agenda. The hard ones go first, the easy ones at the end and the urgent marked with exclamation marks.

Whether at work,  riding staplers, or traveling somewhere in the world; I always keep an eye on fresh content to add in my life. A better  job or a frightening project, a new passion or a whole new chapter. I can’t stop!

Here’s another fact about me: I don’t grow roots! It’s how I am: married to the night, in love with adventure and in an affair with the new. I don’t see myself owning a white-picket-fenced home, living on the same street for years, populating the world, growing tomatoes and so on. I won’t adhere to a life of the casual. Life is so short, too short, and the world is so, so beautiful!

I dream big and I want a life that people will write about. Maybe I’m cursed. Cursed with a life of the disaffected.  But it’s not that I’m unhappy with what I have. I’m very happy and grateful!  Yet I want more. So much more!

I don’t seek for a ride or a trip.
I want a journey with an undefined destination.

We live only once so we better live the way it fits each and everyone of us. We may steal from each other time to time. We’re an inspiration to others, art to many. We’re shelves filled with stories. Everything  from this to that.

We’re human, yet we’re all different. I want to know your ways of thinking , your problem-solving skills, your life experience and scars. I will always encourage your attitude, your ways and vision. But I’ll never judge!

Here’s to a gypsy life, a life filled with adventure, love and prosperity. A life where home is the whole world and friends are all its inhabitants. Here’s to a successful life, a colorful life loaded with nothing but fulfilled dreams.


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