Life: The Performance

Here’s a question I ask myself every morning: Who am I? It’s more like playing with a remote through a list of settings. A list which gives purpose to the game. Am I the Writer today? Could I be the Leader? The All-in-One? Most of the time I end up somewhere in between. Sort of a default setting called “crumpled performer” takes the lead tossing me in a corner of a back-stage. Even though inside me, underneath the fear, hides  an artist who sees life as a daily show, a life-long tour, a never ending performance.

An artist who’s shackles are wearing off. An artist who’s about to be released!

The past two years were really great to me. I traveled more than I have ever wished, I made tons of friends and pushed all my limits. I became the person I’ve always dreamed of. Now it’s time to give something back. It’s time to go big this December!

I’ll be hosting charity events all across the city during the whole month. The winter holidays are my favorite and all I want is to share this experience, this love that I feel, the memories we make, the spirit of the family, the warmth, the food and its gifts. I want to share a day or more of my life with the ones less fortunate. I wanna be their family, their hope. I wanna be theirs!

If you say that I’m an inspiration to you then here you go. A live battle, a month of my life, a mouth-full of my vision. I’m letting you to see the world through my eyes. I’ll give wings to all my ideas and I’ll work till I bleed. So damn me if I won’t be squeezing myself through every crowd to reach that big stage. It’s time for my voice to be heard; It’s time to change the world!



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