Wings to Ideas!

I felt the need of giving back so I sat down, took a piece of paper and wrote a plan, something different from what was already out there, something that could change the whole charitable concept. So I dedicated this month’s free time to organize charitable events all across the city.

The campaign’s name is “Donate an idea. Donate an experience” and it’s more like a platform; an invitation to those like me, feeling the need of giving back. Not to necessarily donate money, clothes or toys but ideas, things you’d like to do or a whole experience, as in organizing a public events based on something creative. Something community based, where we could all pitch in, learn something new and enjoy the moment.

Sure, people will come and donate a symbolic amount of cash in exchange of the happening event. This way it’s a win-win for all!


 Last week, with the help of a professional photographer, we organized an experience called “Photobooth” based on creating portraits. We had over 50 participants and gathered somewhere around 200 dollars in less than 3 hours. Which for me was quite a victory. And when I think of, two weeks ago was just an idea that came up while sipping a cup of coffee. An idea which rapidly turned into reality with the help of a few friends, a little bit of hard work and a handful of ambition. Another proof that everything is possible if you truly want it to be!

The upcoming Saturday, even though I won’t be in town, the campaign continues with a brand new experience! An event exclusively for children, based on storytelling. With the help of an actor we’ll bring the reading of a child’s book, its story and entertainment outside the mind. A reenactment of its own thoughts and twists!

We want to make these kids live every page, to fall in love with the world of books. They are our future and they deserve nothing but the best of us.


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