Season Greetings!

Amazing friends, I wish you all an amazing Christmas, filled with lots of food and sweets and just everything your heart’s desire! Hope you’re all surrounded by family and friends like I am.


This is the most important part of my year, I love Christmas and the warmth you get from the people around, its nicely decorated trees, the smell of cake and pine, but also, the smell of money and gifts (if you know what I mean!?). I’m quite the materialistic but that’s a story to be told in the upcoming weeks. Hugs and kisses to all!

Let’s see; here are five things that makes Christmas not just the favorite holiday but the most important part of my year:

  • Decorating Christmas Trees
    Finally, I get to lose my sexy clothes and jump in one of those outfits you’ll never see me wearing in public while, instead of dressing myself, I get to beautify the Christmas tree with the latest fashion trends.
  • The Carols
    Michel Buble’s “Christmas” album stands as my current favorite. Feliz Navidad is my favorite carol yet I don’t know why but since Beyonce popped her album all I hear is Drunk in Love and XO.
  • The Food
    Man, the food my mom makes during Christmas is amazing. Just imagine a fridge filled with so much food you could feed 2-3 families for a whole week. Now picture me devouring everything in two to three days. Plus the Christmas dinner at my Grandma. All limits and diets snooze during 24-27 December. I permit everything.
  • The Movies
    Come on! Home Alone + Harry Potter, every year. (period) A  must have experience!
  • The Gifts
    All I see is dollar signs… Not a fan of friends and family shopping for me. Oh no sir, You don’t know my tastes! I am very picky when it comes to clothing or gadgets, and even sweets. So in the past years, instead of getting a fake smile and a lousy thank you, my close ones just hands me the money; Which brings me nothing but joy!

Have a wonderful Christmas all, share the love and have fun because we all have nothing but a single life. Live it right!


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