2013: Year in Review

It was quite the journey. Thank you all for taking part of this year, for believing and supporting me. I promise you even more in the upcoming years! 

  • City Break in Budapest, Hungary (12.29.12-01.02.13) – Celebrating NYE for the second time abroad!

24 Moments1

  • Pushing my limits: Transforming casual events into live shows.  (Feb. 21th, Mar. 27th and Apr. 24th)

24 Moments

  • 3rd year Leading a Free Hugs campaign (Mar. 8th)

24 Moments2

  • Through the Eyes of Riga – Learning Social Photography in Latvia and traveling for the first time alone (May 1st till the 6th.)

24 Moments4

  • Keep Calm and Milan! – Traveling for the first time with my cousin ( Jun. 3rd till the 7th)

24 Moments3

  • The Bulgarian Experience – Volunteering in Sofia. (Sep. 6th till Nov. 5th)

The Experience

  • Wintery White Escape – Meetup with all the Romanian volunteers who has been in a similar experience (Dec. 13 till Dec. 16)

24 Moments5

  • Tattoo #3 (inked on the 19th of December)


  • My first charitable campaign: Donate an idea. Donate an experience. (Dec. 8 till Dec. 23)

New Folder

Truly grateful for everything I received during my journey and I sincerely hope that is only the beginning. All I can promise is that I’ll work harder and harder to reach all my goals and dreams. Wish you all an amazing new year and, of course, a journey filled with great opportunities!


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