2014: A Year in Numbers

As I said on Facebook, I don’t like new year resolution. I feel like they are somewhat hard to reach  and they are just bringing us down. Or how a very special Aussie friend of mine said: “…Usual people do this while they are drunk and by the morning they have already forgotten what they have said”, which I believe it’s true.


I want substance. When I put something on paper, when I plan, I want to be precise, to put down possible, doable things. Going to the gym, heading back to school, staying in touch with family and friends are too vague. I function with numbers, deadlines and challenges. I’m a player who needs rules because, just like you and your friend, I love winning.

So let’s see a few numbers that will define tomorrow’s year:

  • 1 Driver’s License (it’s about time!)
  • 1 blog for my Romanian followers (Available since 15th of January. See here)
  • 1 Semester of Master’s degree
  • 1+ brand new cultural project
  • 1+ released e-book
  • 2x my monthly income
  • 5+ travels
  • 10+ vlogs
  • 25+ public events
  • 50+ articles on this blog
  • 100+ Days of Gym
  • 500+ Instagram followers
  • 750+ dollars in donations for kids and their dreams (made through a campaign)
  • 1000+ Facebook likes
  • 25000+ Views on this blog

How about your numbers? Are you ready for 2014? You better be. Happy new year!


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