Through the Skin

Tattoo #1 | The peace sign (Dec. 19 2011)

This is for those who live in fear, for those who hide under defined stereotypes. I scarred my skin forever for those who use discrimination to cover their own lives and for those who judge at first sight. This tattoo represents Equality. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what sex orientation you have, nationality, religion, if you’re rich or poor, tall or short. We are all the same! And our lives are too short to fight for “normality” when the main objective  here is acceptance and peace.


Tattoo #2 | The four leaf clover + the feather (Aug. 21 2o12)

I call this one the “Attraversiamo” tattoo and it has two symbols, the feather and the four leaf clover which represents the backbone of our lives and the luck that hugs our days. The feather also represents freedom and traveling. To offer even more value, me and a good friend of mine share the same tattoo as a sigil of friendship.


Tattoo #3 | The anchor (Dec. 19 2013)

Made this one for my lack of roots and constant change in my life. Being a traveler by soul I needed an anchor to remind me that home is where my heart is, that no matter what, as long as there is hope, even without roots, somewhere on the other side of the planet I’ll still be able to find happiness, start again, move on and prosper. Sink or swim!



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