25 Facts about me


Hello my dearest readers, here’s to a day filled with positive energy and well being. Because I love you so much, I’d like to share more personal stuff about me, so you could know me better. I want you to know that even though I do this and that, I’m still a clumsy person with its ups and downs. We’re all human beings! So, don’t be too harsh with yourself next time cause we’re all swimming in the same ocean.

I built you a list with 25 facts about me to see if you and me have things in common. Please, after reading, comment in the section bellow things that we have or don’t have in common. I’d be more than happy to know my readers a little bit better!

  1. When I was younger, my mum asked me the classic question: What would you like to be when you grow up? I told her I want to become a gardener and sell my vegetables to neighbors. Later on, when I was a tiny bit older, I told her I wanna become a stripper and get married with an old yet rich client of mine.
  2.  I’m a morning person. Usually I wake up minutes before the alarm and just sit there thinking about the things I’ll do during the day.
  3. I wore a dress when I was little. I even have a few “pin up girl” style pictures too to prove!
  4. I procrastinate so much!!! You have no idea how hard it is for me to follow a schedule…
  5. There’s a video of me dancing & lip singing with my cousin and her classmates on a old Black Eyed Peas song in front of an audience. Some say it’s cute, I say it’s career damaging.
  6. I think I have some sort of a OCD – I like my stuff in a certain place while doing things in a certain way.
  7. I want to travel the world – I’ve already been in Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Portugal.
  8. I used to play basketball but then I fell on my arm and broke it. Tough love!
  9. I’m left handed and quite clumsy.
  10.  I dream of winning a Noble prize for peace. I even have a speech prepared!
  11. Sadly, I’m quite a hairy person. I pretty much trim and wax almost every part of my body.
  12. I love my lone time. I need at least a couple of hours per week in order to function properly.
  13. I struggle to relax. If there’s nothing else to do but to sit, my mind goes crazy. I start thinking about the meaning of my life and what I did so far and so on… Amok, I tell you. Amok!
  14. It’s hard to take decisions by myself. I usually go around asking for opinions from my friends. There’s quite a process!
  15. I love scary movies and mashed potatoes.
  16. I shop. A lot! Especially for clothes and technology. Also a tech savvy – never read how to use instructions in my life. I just knew how to use them.
  17. Deadly uncoordinated! I haven’t got lost yet but if it’ll happen and it will, I won’t be able to explain from where I came or how I got there. Even if a friend of mine want’s to visit I can’t explain him the directions to my place without babbling nonsense .
  18. I’ve been in 3 serious relationships so far.
  19. I’m addicted to the internet.
  20. Tend to talk to myself a lot and day dream while in a conversation.
  21. My favorite color is red.
  22. I’m secretly messy and massively unorganized.
  23. When I like a song I put it on repeat and listen to it till I get bored.
  24. I’m useless at texting back or catching back with people. Family and friends, I’m so sorry!
  25. When I’m home alone I pretend to be a superstar and dance by myself till I drop.

Now that you know me almost like my mother, I’m looking forward to read a few facts about you too. Let’s get friendly, shall we? Thank you for reading; hope you enjoyed it. I’ll see you next Tuesday. Till then, I wish you all an amazing week and never forget that you’re perfect no matter what. Now go out and explore my midnight readers, enjoy life. Hugs!


4 thoughts on “25 Facts about me

  1. 4. check.
    7. Haven’t visited Bulgaria, Latvia, Denmark and Portugal. But I can add Scotland to the list of places I’ve been.
    23. For days.
    24. Fighting this one with all my strength.

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