Between the lines

Since we all know how to read and pretty much everybody is recommending books, I decided to recommend you a book every now and then. Reading is good, it’s healthy; It’s a sweet escape to a different universe and you get to learn a few things – ways of thinking, emotional intelligence, get to read faster and talk richer, some times even flamboyantly. We all have that friend, right!?

Anywho, a few weeks ago I finished the whole trilogy of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and I must say; the whole trip was absolutely delightful. Her style and the way every chapter ends kept my nights sleepless. I had to finish them as soon as time permitted. I couldn’t stop; it grew on me like an illness.

Reached the ending of the whole phenomenon in about two weeks. Mockingjay took about 3 nights to devour it. That one being my favorite. Can’t wait to see how they’ll turn it into motion. And I’m quite happy I read them too. Why? Because of its lessons of leadership, its engine of revolution. That lack of freedom, living in constant fear and suffering; all this without an escape. And then the purpose, a fire inside. A voice. Also, the correlation between building up a star, an imagine for the public to follow. A change; hope itself. You becoming the need of others, to create an engine, to make it work. I won’t spoil anything for those who lived under the rocks, I’m sure at least a part of the world have seen the movies. Still, I’ll remain discreet.

There’s also a love triangle, the teenage girl with her immature feelings making things harder here and there, giving quite the touch to the whole backbone. I expected more from the final pages yet I believe reaching to that somewhat happy ending was all the story itself needed, not necessary us, the readers. I’ll give a massive FOUR stars to Collin’s Panem. Thank’s to today’s marketing, it’s definitely a must read. Plus don’t you think that a hunger game like in the movie/book could happen in a future nearby? Who knows, instead of whole nations suffering massive damage I think we could all adhere to a survival game that decides our political fate. Imagine some of our corrupted European politicians fighting to survival. Now that I would see in 3D! Kidding. Or am I?

I highly recommend you to never stop reading. Find at least 20 minutes every day and read. It could be a chapter of a book, a post on a blog; anything really! But not the news about what’s happening in the world nor gossip about the Kardashians. Things that you may learn from, that may give you a different opinion on things around you.

That was all for this week. Hope you enjoyed it, please leave a comment bellow with the book you are currently reading or tell me what’s your favorite one. Wish all of you an amazing week and see you next Tuesday. Hugs!


3 thoughts on “Between the lines

  1. I am a hunger games fangirl a huge fan of peeniss. My friend and I were so excited for catching fire that we went the day it came out and didn’t talk about anything else. The current book I am reading is TMI city of ashes and I really like it but I will always be a hunger games fan girl no matter what happens. If you like the hunger games series I would recommend reading the Divergent series or The Mortal Instruments series which I am reading. I have read Divergent and it is sort of like the hunger games.

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