Just tell me…

“What’s you impression of me?” the question most of us youngsters crave to find the answer to. Well, I’m one them. I’m quite insecure when my image becomes a topic, when someone says something about my hair, belly or super slim jeans. Do I look funny? Am I too weird? Am I normal enough for you? Am I who you’re looking for? How do I look? Be honest, please!


Peaches, please. Where’s your self-esteem? Where’s Your sexuality? You’re the god or goddess of your own world. You are perfection by definition. What is this perfection anyway? What is normality?! This is you. This is who YOU are. Maybe you love the way your hair looks, maybe you stood 45 minutes to style it up. Made it for yourself, to feel good, to look good – your kind of good. You made it to be different. So be different! Don’t hide that belly and you better get noticed with those super slim pants! You’re super sexy the way you are. And if you want other people to see it, you first have to see it by yourself. Believe in the beauty of your body and mind. Feel the hotness inside. You are the superstar and you’re  just one step away from redeeming the main role in our show. Just have to find that power inside you, the fire that keeps your heart pumping. Grab it, conquer it and show them who you are. Be you and be proud of who you are!

Loosen up, babe. Loose control! Dance it off. Life is a melody, life’s a pleasure, a dream… A one time opportunity. Nothing should ever keep you down. No one should ever make you feel bad. Not even for a second. ‘Cause You need to shine, you need to experience, to live the NOW, freely and fearless. Conquer those dreams of yours, bring out the skeletons from the closet, show the monster inside and inspire those cowards around you!


My latest obsessions

I’m one of the people who gets easily sucked in by the smallest things and activities in the world. I tend to get overly obsessed almost weekly with new stuff, whether it’s a coffee shop, all kinds of products, albums, TV shows, movies, YouTubers and pretty much everything that makes my life a little bit more colorful. I find happiness  in just about anything I lay hands on. So, as a fun post and something for you to try, discover and expand your everyday experience, check out this year’s so far personal obsessions. And, if you like this post, I could return every month with  an update to the list. Also, feel free to share your obsessions!


I’ll start with Chatbox, the event I organize every month at a coffee shop, in my city. An event, open to everyone, similar to TED Talks where I, my team and a few amazing guests become speakers with a unite goal – to inspire, to motivate and to help the participants, through our personal experience, to reach for the sky, conquer their fears and fulfill their wishes, goals and dreams.

Then there’s the new HBO series called Looking, which is kind of a gay version of Sex and the City. Finally something organic, normal and casual on TV. Something you can watch even with your grandmother. Plus, one of the guys is a hipster. Win!

8tracks.com is my everyday music provider. Love the idea of playlists based on mood, activities and what-not. Yet, if i’d have to put out an album that I secretly listen at the gym, I would definitely say The Marshall Mathers LP2. And movies, I totally recommend The Lego Movie. Can’t wait to see it this week. I’m a huge fan of Lego and the concept of the movie, the mixture of universes in the plot, is phenomenal. Plus, come on! It’s one hundred percent Lego!

YouTubers. Since 2013’s best investment, my Nexus 7 tablet, all I do is watch my favorite YouTubers. The guys from UK and the ones from USA. Ideas, fashion, social skills, and ways of being; there’s a lot to learn from them. That’s for sure!

Worth mentioning: SuperFruit, Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta, Joe Sugg and Marcus Butler.

I’ll mention once again the Hunger Games trilogy. It’s a must read for those who’re into leadership, personal development, revolution and emotional intelligence.

These are my so far obsessions of 2014, besides the never ending fashion and shopping addiction.

That’s all for now. Wish you all an amazing week, the best so far, and see you next Tuesday. Comment down bellow and tell me: What’s your ultimate obsession? Mine’s Haribo, the pack of gummy bears.

The pick-me-up

Your smallest or weirdest idea can reshape the whole world. Never stop believing in YOU, never stop being YOURSELF and NEVER stop talking. You are here, NOW, living, doing, experiencing. Repay the gift of life by telling your story. Inspire those around you, whether it’s your family or friends, the community you’re part of, town, county, country or continent. Inspire the whole world. You are amazing, you are awesome. You are unique.

So you better SHOW IT and you better show it now! Life’s short yet beautiful, so don’t be just another one that comes and goes, don’t be part of a number, statistics, a generation… X, Y, Z. Be YOU, Be [Name] and [Surname], the one that changed the world. It’s not difficult. Nothing’s difficult in this world, especially when you have the right mindset, mood and friends around you. And I’m sure we all have what it takes to rule these grounds!