Midnight Universe was discovered back in 2004 by a young boy called Norbert. Later on, in 2009, after a long road of reasearch and personal development, this so called boy decided to open Midnight Studios, a place where the magic from the oven of madness is transformed into fancy little stories.

With the endless power from the Universe many characters were born, creating short stories or how the fans called it: storysodes. Time shaped the Szucs family, Girlfriends, The Adventurer, Norbert’s Anatomy any many others.

Day by day, the force grew, the universe itself was getting bigger and bigger and the little boy turned into a real man with earthly defined responsabilities tasting the lack of time and energy. Midnight universe deserves a lot of attentions, it has a lot more to offer, maybe more than humanity, but a mortal will never be able to give what that infinite power needs.

With today’s technology and the creator’s limited time, the universe came up with an aswer that will resolve the sudden absence of this amazing world of storytelling. We are eager to present you the Midnight Pill, a small little magical drop that will take you to the mainframe of the universe, to the heart of the heart, to the middle of middlehood, to the answer of all answers.

With the new opening of the this so called Blog, you have the chance to smell, touch and taste the raw buzzams of Midnight’s Universe. And because there are times when you just need to let go some things in order to evolve. The Midnight Pill released the first symptom called Nightmare Island.

There are many things prepared for us almost everyday. Midnight Pill is definitely today’s thing. Share it with your friends, open a bottle of something fuzzy and celebrate tomorrow’s success!


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