He says/She says: Movies or Books?


Hello there, my dearest Midnight readers! This week I’ll be starting a collaboration line on my blog, and as a first; I’ll begin a “He says/She says” weekly post with my amazing cousin, Melitta Bran, a fashion & life style blogger. We had this thought for a while now, and since it’s  a brand new year, we said “Shoot, let’s do it!” Besides, It’s time for a little community work in our little place of freedom.

And as a first, We’ll be talking about movies and books. Practically what each of us prefer in the free time, plus a few recommendations for you. How exactly will this colab work? It’s quite simple! You’ll find my personal opinion here, on my blog, while Melitta’s approach will be available on her’s.

So let’s get this party started! Movies or books… It’s tough, really! Especially when I recently found this love for written words. I’m currently reading Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch plus, finished the whole trilogy of Hungers Games a few weeks ago, which was freaking awesome! As in movies, I have quite an appetite for motion and its talented actors. Last watched movie was 47 Runin with Keanu Reaves, which I wasn’t very pleased of.

But if I would be in a position where I’d have to choose between reading a book and watching a movie. I’d probably go with the movie. It takes less time, it’s highly entertaining and I love the visual details, the acting; its whole package. But books are great too! They give a whole universe to play with, more knowledge to connect the dots and it makes you smarter. It truly does! So I would definitely recommend reading when you’re traveling or before bed time, or when it’s raining/snowing outside and yo’re all warm and fuzzy in your loft, sipping tea and eating cake.

A movie with a few bros, popcorn and other treats can for sure make your Caturdays more meaningful. Eh? Am I right or what?

Share your thought about what you prefer in leisure times; a good book or a nice movie? Sending lots of hugs to all of you, see you Tuesday with a brand new post. Till then I wish you nothing but the best!

Don’t forget to read Melitta’s post too. Hugs!