My first Time


 I should wash your mind with soap right now! Sorry to disappoint you but it’s nothing sexual about this article. It’s all about those fluffy “firsts” in life. Like my first word; which was (calling mom… Voice mail?! I didn’t even know you had a voice mail!) “tata”; “dad” in Romanian. My first English word was “pie” thanks to Cartoon Network.

Let’s see: My first teddy bear was this little pink and green bear called “Puffy”. I couldn’t sleep without it and pretty much chewed on for quite a while. I even ate its nose! My first friend was a boy called Bogdan. We were inseparable till I moved on the other side of the city. All we did was playing Nintendo games, getting in trouble with neighbors; we took off every decorative sticker from all cars around our “territory” + fought with girls. We were bad ass!

My first memory… I remember a lot of stuff while I was a toddler yet there’s this one memory I’ll never forget, and it’s the oldest one I truly cherish. I went with my father to a toy store and he bought me cargo truck. I think it was my first decision in life too; he made me pick between two really cool trucks, one that transported an airplane and the other, which I instantly fell in love with, a cargo. That little bitch was the king of the roads for many years in the play grounds. Kids were so jealy!

My first pet was Max, a black and white cat who entertained us for quite a few years. I think my dad ran over it with his car, don’t remember exactly. All I know that my parents picked him up from the road and buried the little fur-ball in the garden near the biggest peach tree. Then we had more cats! (I’m a cat person by the way) Puffy, Pixie and my dearest of ’em all, Matyi (which died one week before I went to college abroad).

My first fear was, of course, the fear of darkness. I  always had this bottle of water near the bed just in case I wake up thirsty in the middle of the night. Now it’s all about the Midnight, baby!

Err… My first crush was in the first grade. She was the smarty-pants, had the highest grades, longest hair. She was an angel! Never really talked to her; And we were neighbors! Her apartment was a door away from my best friend’s flat. I think she knew more about me than I of her. Kids, huh?

At the age of twelve or so I had my first kiss, second and third. There were only 3 girls on the street. One I kissed when the bullies arranged a fake marriage of me and this very nice girl I fancied, where we they made us kiss at the end of the ceremony. I looked discussed even though, deep down I was screaming out of happiness.  Later on, two girls, friends of mine, visited me time to time. We played all sorts of scenarios. Usually ended up “married” with one of them and then with the other… They were constantly asking for mouth-to-mouth. And I was really serious with my role!

My first girlfriend appears in the second year of high school. A curvy girl with long black hair. You know how men usually seek girls that looks somewhat like their mothers? Well this one had kind of the same features. She was a sweetheart for about one year and a few months but then we broke up and today we don’t even say hello to each other. What a bitch, right?

My first gig/concert was in the north of Romania, at my grandparents hometown. I was about fourteen, drank beer for the first time and discovered quite a few local bands that no longer exist.

My first/favorite film, hmm, that’s a little bit difficult. It’s hard to pick the favorite one but I do remember Home Alone 2, Edward Scissor Hands and The Nightmare before Christmas.

My first purchased album was from a local boy band I loved  during my teen years. Later on I took a sip of the international and never returned to the Romanian sounds. Blame it on P!nk! 😉

My first phone was a Bosch Com 509. Now it stays as a zombie apocalypse secondary weapon. Comment bellow and tell me what’s your first mobile! I’m curious how many of you had Nokia bricks!

And final, my first job is the one I have even today, a marketing manager position at a rent a car company. It pays well, it gives enough time to work on my personal things and, honestly, I’m quite happy here.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it! And if you did, make sure to like it. It would really help me. Also, if you think I’m pretty, like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Wish you all a wonderful day and don’t forget to embrace your passion, smile every second and forget that life is wonderful and damn too short!


2014: A Year in Numbers

As I said on Facebook, I don’t like new year resolution. I feel like they are somewhat hard to reach  and they are just bringing us down. Or how a very special Aussie friend of mine said: “…Usual people do this while they are drunk and by the morning they have already forgotten what they have said”, which I believe it’s true.


I want substance. When I put something on paper, when I plan, I want to be precise, to put down possible, doable things. Going to the gym, heading back to school, staying in touch with family and friends are too vague. I function with numbers, deadlines and challenges. I’m a player who needs rules because, just like you and your friend, I love winning.

So let’s see a few numbers that will define tomorrow’s year:

  • 1 Driver’s License (it’s about time!)
  • 1 blog for my Romanian followers (Available since 15th of January. See here)
  • 1 Semester of Master’s degree
  • 1+ brand new cultural project
  • 1+ released e-book
  • 2x my monthly income
  • 5+ travels
  • 10+ vlogs
  • 25+ public events
  • 50+ articles on this blog
  • 100+ Days of Gym
  • 500+ Instagram followers
  • 750+ dollars in donations for kids and their dreams (made through a campaign)
  • 1000+ Facebook likes
  • 25000+ Views on this blog

How about your numbers? Are you ready for 2014? You better be. Happy new year!

There’s hope. Always.

This is why I believe in us, humanity. This is why I’ll always give second chances. We are amazing and together we can change, not just the two of us but the whole world.

Inspired by Youtubers

There are so many beautiful people out there where we could learn stuff like how to be yourself or how to monetize your passions. YouTubers travel, collaborate and deliver funny videos, sincere ones, that not just inspire but encourage us to accept our flaws and just let us be. I became a better person thanks to them and I want to dedicate this article for their hard work and talent. Here are a few internet friends I just couldn’t be the same without:

  • Tyler Oakley
  • Thatcher Joe
  • Marcus Butler
  • PointlessBlog

  • Connor Franta

Being You is the best gift you could give to the world. Keep that in mind!

2013: Year in Review

It was quite the journey. Thank you all for taking part of this year, for believing and supporting me. I promise you even more in the upcoming years! 

  • City Break in Budapest, Hungary (12.29.12-01.02.13) – Celebrating NYE for the second time abroad!

24 Moments1

  • Pushing my limits: Transforming casual events into live shows.  (Feb. 21th, Mar. 27th and Apr. 24th)

24 Moments

  • 3rd year Leading a Free Hugs campaign (Mar. 8th)

24 Moments2

  • Through the Eyes of Riga – Learning Social Photography in Latvia and traveling for the first time alone (May 1st till the 6th.)

24 Moments4

  • Keep Calm and Milan! – Traveling for the first time with my cousin ( Jun. 3rd till the 7th)

24 Moments3

  • The Bulgarian Experience – Volunteering in Sofia. (Sep. 6th till Nov. 5th)

The Experience

  • Wintery White Escape – Meetup with all the Romanian volunteers who has been in a similar experience (Dec. 13 till Dec. 16)

24 Moments5

  • Tattoo #3 (inked on the 19th of December)


  • My first charitable campaign: Donate an idea. Donate an experience. (Dec. 8 till Dec. 23)

New Folder

Truly grateful for everything I received during my journey and I sincerely hope that is only the beginning. All I can promise is that I’ll work harder and harder to reach all my goals and dreams. Wish you all an amazing new year and, of course, a journey filled with great opportunities!

Season Greetings!

Amazing friends, I wish you all an amazing Christmas, filled with lots of food and sweets and just everything your heart’s desire! Hope you’re all surrounded by family and friends like I am.


This is the most important part of my year, I love Christmas and the warmth you get from the people around, its nicely decorated trees, the smell of cake and pine, but also, the smell of money and gifts (if you know what I mean!?). I’m quite the materialistic but that’s a story to be told in the upcoming weeks. Hugs and kisses to all!

Let’s see; here are five things that makes Christmas not just the favorite holiday but the most important part of my year:

  • Decorating Christmas Trees
    Finally, I get to lose my sexy clothes and jump in one of those outfits you’ll never see me wearing in public while, instead of dressing myself, I get to beautify the Christmas tree with the latest fashion trends.
  • The Carols
    Michel Buble’s “Christmas” album stands as my current favorite. Feliz Navidad is my favorite carol yet I don’t know why but since Beyonce popped her album all I hear is Drunk in Love and XO.
  • The Food
    Man, the food my mom makes during Christmas is amazing. Just imagine a fridge filled with so much food you could feed 2-3 families for a whole week. Now picture me devouring everything in two to three days. Plus the Christmas dinner at my Grandma. All limits and diets snooze during 24-27 December. I permit everything.
  • The Movies
    Come on! Home Alone + Harry Potter, every year. (period) A  must have experience!
  • The Gifts
    All I see is dollar signs… Not a fan of friends and family shopping for me. Oh no sir, You don’t know my tastes! I am very picky when it comes to clothing or gadgets, and even sweets. So in the past years, instead of getting a fake smile and a lousy thank you, my close ones just hands me the money; Which brings me nothing but joy!

Have a wonderful Christmas all, share the love and have fun because we all have nothing but a single life. Live it right!

Going visual!

I feel like I’ve been writing too much yet not quite sharing my experience with you so I plan to go open using more than just text. I want the whole package! Heck, I might open a YouTube channel just for you. I want you to know me better, the way I am. I want us to grow together and change the world!